What Are the Most Common Causes of Dizziness?

Dizziness Treatment in Oakville

Dizziness is a complex problem most people will experience at some point. Feeling dizzy after a workout or standing up too quickly from a resting position is normal.

However, if you feel dizzy for extended periods, it’s usually a sign of underlying problems requiring proper diagnosis and treatment. We’ll discuss some of the most common causes of dizziness below.

Vertigo and Other Inner Ear Problems

Dizziness and vertigo always go hand in hand because some people use them interchangeably. However, although the sensations are similar, there’s a slight difference. When you feel dizzy, you’ll feel disoriented.

Vertigo also causes this feeling of disorientation, but it is artificial.

Vertigo will make you feel like the space around you is spinning or moving. Other conditions, such as Meniere’s disease and labyrinthitis, can disrupt your spatial awareness, making you feel dizzy.

Low Blood Pressure

A sharp decline in blood flow to the brain can cause you to feel momentarily lightheaded. Such changes typically occur when you sit or stand up too quickly.  

However, blood loss, dehydration, pregnancy, allergic reactions, and the use of certain medications (such as beta-blockers and diuretics) can also lower your blood pressure.

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, happens when your body doesn’t get enough sugar. In such circumstances, you may feel dizzy, shaky, anxious, or weak. A good way to know if your dizziness is due to low blood sugar is to grab a snack and see whether the feeling dissipates.

You’ll need to see your doctor if you experience bouts of hypoglycemia often.

Trauma to the Head

Head injury is one of the most common causes of dizziness. The injury may affect the vestibular system, which controls balance. If you have more frequent episodes of dizziness after a car accident or sports-related collision, you should seek medical attention quickly.

Low Iron

Iron deficiency in your body can cause anemia. People with this condition do not have enough oxygen-rich blood flowing through their bodies. Beyond dizziness, anemia can cause symptoms such as fatigue, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

Doctors treat dizziness due to low iron by recommending dietary changes or iron supplements. In more severe cases, the patient will need a blood transfusion. Only a trained medical professional can recommend such a treatment.

Anxiety and Stress

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. However, the relationship between both varies across individuals. Some people experience anxiety attacks that cause dizziness, while others experience dizziness that triggers an anxiety attack.

Treating Dizziness With Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help treat dizziness, especially when combating causes of dizziness like vertigo and vestibular imbalance. Your physiotherapists can use vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) to make you less sensitive to motion, thus improving symptoms dramatically.

At OAK Physio & Wellness, we use VRT and other techniques to help patients in Oakville, ON, combat dizziness. Call OAK Physio & Wellness today at (289) 725-0241 to schedule a consultation with an expert physiotherapist and find the balance you seek.