What Are the Main Treatments a Physiotherapist Can Offer?

Physio Treatment in Oakville

Physiotherapy can help prevent and decrease pain from health conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to arthritis. Physical therapists receive training in a wide variety of treatments that use a holistic approach for the patient.

What does that mean? What are the main treatments a physiotherapist can offer? Find out in this blog today!

Stretching & Exercise Recommendations

When many people think about physiotherapy, this is what comes to mind. For example, a physical therapist may recommend certain static stretches to help improve your flexibility after an on-the-job injury. Other benefits of physiotherapist-recommended stretching include:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Improving blood flow throughout your entire body
  • Helping performance in sports or other activities

Your physiotherapist may also recommend strength exercises to perform. The physical therapist will prescribe a personalized plan of different exercises and tell you how often to do them.

Joint Mobilization

This can help people gain mobility post-surgery or post-injury. The treatment starts with your physiotherapist keeping one part of your joint stable and ends with putting pressure on a different area.

The goal is to help lower joint pain and increase the joint’s capacity to function, which improves balance and movement.

Myofascial Release

Many people associate this type of treatment with massage therapists, but physiotherapists can also use this soft tissue treatment. Myofascial release helps relax a patient’s muscles and reduce pain and swelling. 

Ultrasound Therapy

While most people don’t associate ultrasound with physiotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound can be an effective treatment for chronic joint pain. The ultrasound waves act like a massage to the affected area and are effective for patients with arthritis, tendinitis, and strained muscles.

Heat & Cold Therapy

Cold and heat treatments are useful for different purposes:

  • Cold therapy reduces inflammation and slows blood flow to reduce swelling or damage to tissue.
  • Heat therapy is more common with tight, sore muscles. The heat helps increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels. This can help your circulation so you heal faster.

Depending on the treatment, this may come in the form of a heating pad or ice pack. You may also be partially submerged in a cold or hot tub.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is the brightly-coloured tape you see on some athletes’ skin. It’s used to stabilize a patient’s joints and muscles while they undergo treatment. Even though the tape helps keep joints and muscles stable, it’s also flexible enough not to prohibit the patient from doing any exercises.

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A physiotherapist can offer many different treatments. Knowing what treatments your physical therapist can provide and what conditions the treatments help with can help you make an informed decision about seeking physiotherapy. 

If you want to learn more about our treatments or how physiotherapy can help you, consult the experts at OAK Physio & Wellness by calling (289) 725-0241. By knowing what physiotherapy treatments are available, you’ve taken an important step toward improving your health and longevity.