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Virtual Telehealth Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Services provide unparalleled care from the comfort and convenience of your home. Whether you choose virtual sessions or in-person care, our therapists commit to providing superior treatment. For more information or to book your telehealth appointment today, call (289) 725-0241 and schedule sessions with providers from OAK Physio & Wellness.


Many potential patients wonder about the efficacy, costs, and logistics of telehealth physiotherapy and chiropractic services. Below are some frequently asked questions that address these concerns.

Fortunately, most insurance providers are compatible with virtual telehealth physiotherapy and chiropractic services. If we work under your insurance provider, there is no reason to believe you won’t receive telehealth coverage.

Many new and emerging studies identify the increasing efficacy of telehealth physiotherapy. With emerging technology that improves communication between providers and patients, these services will likely continue improving in the coming years.

There are very few materials necessary for telehealth physiotherapy and chiropractic services. Ensure you have a working computer, stable WiFi, and a strong connection. Telehealthcare providers work best when video and audio are clear, so both parties communicate more effectively.

Your telehealth technology will function over encrypted audio and visual feeds that protect the patient and the provider. Therefore, there should be no privacy concerns during virtual physiotherapy sessions.

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