Sciatica Treatment in Oakville

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Turning to Oakville chiropractors, physiotherapists, or massage therapists to diagnose and care for your injury will prove beneficial.

Chiropractic or physiotherapy care is often very effective in curing low back pain and enabling the body to heal itself. Its non-invasive natures further make it an optimal choice.

Some therapy options you could try to attain relief from the radiating pain include performing gentle stretches and applying ice or hot packs to the affected area.
Early-onset of this condition usually involves dull lower back pain, developing into tingling sensations that alternate between both legs. Patients often experience numbness, weakness, stiffness, and aching pains that worsen as the condition progresses.

Without care, your condition can result in permanent nerve damage that causes chronic pain in your back, legs, foot, and other body parts.

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