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OAK Physio & Wellness has been serving the local area for several years. Our care for pre & postnatal wellness in Oakville focuses on holistic healing to manage pain and regain functionality. No matter your symptoms, we can put together a treatment regimen to make you happy, whole, and healthy again.

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Below are some of the most common questions we receive about pre & postnatal wellness in Oakville.

It is never too late to start! Most experts recommend that you start some kind of prenatal wellness care within the first six to twelve weeks of pregnancy. You can talk to your doctor to draw up a prenatal care plan. The sooner you start prenatal care, the more you can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.

Medical professionals define the postpartum period as the first six weeks after delivery. However, postnatal care can extend well beyond that six-week period. Many pregnant people receive postnatal care for several months after childbirth. Depending on the presence of pregnancy complications, postnatal care might be required years after the fact. Your postpartum physiotherapy appointment can be 4-6 weeks post-birth.

Yes, exercising during pregnancy is safe and does not increase the risk of miscarriage or other pregnancy complications. Several studies indicate that regular mild to moderate exercise during pregnancy reduces the risk of preterm birth and other pregnancy complications. Regular exercise also helps your body manage the stress of pregnancy. Speak to your medical doctor before starting a new exercise routine or trying new exercise.

Our physiotherapy sessions include a combination of deep massage therapy and exercise to target common conditions related to pregnancy. Our treatment regimens involve in-office sessions as well as at-home exercises and routines. We craft our physical therapy programs to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual patients.

Common side effects from physiotherapy sessions might include soreness and mild discomfort during and after sessions.

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