Benefits of Physiotherapy for WSIB Injuries

WSIB Injuries Treatment in Oakville

If you suffer from a work-related injury and find it affects your functional abilities on the job, consider undergoing physiotherapy treatment. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board covers medical treatment for a variety of injuries so you can return to work feeling as good as new. Discover the many benefits of physiotherapy for WSIB injuries in this guide. 

Why Choose Physiotherapy for Treating a Workplace Injury?

Visit your doctor if you injure yourself at work and need immediate medical treatment. Some injuries, such as broken bones, will heal with a cast. However, you’ll likely lose strength and flexibility in your limb while the fractured bone heals. 

Other injuries, like back and neck pain, can keep you from doing your job long-term without proper medical intervention. Your doctor or other healthcare professional will often recommend physiotherapy services to treat your work-related injury. Discover some of the top benefits that come with physiotherapy for WSIB injuries. 

You’ll Receive Personalized Treatment

Every workplace injury differs; therefore, every patient will need a unique treatment plan. Professional physiotherapists will work individually with you to address key issues related to your injury. For example, if you fall at work and experience a head injury, much of your rehabilitation will center around treating headaches and following concussion protocol. 

Experts can treat a wide range of WSIB injuries, including:

  • Muscle sprains
  • Spinal compression
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Whiplash and other car accident injuries

You’ll Reduce Your Recovery Time

The road back to work after suffering an injury can be long and arduous. By receiving physiotherapy for WSIB injuries, you’ll accelerate the healing process. Experts can determine the right course of treatment and help you get back to a healthy condition through exercises like spinal manipulation, stretches, acupuncture, and more. 

You’ll Learn Techniques for Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

One essential aspect of physiotherapy services stems from education regarding re-injury. Many workers who get hurt on the job must adjust their environment and ergonomics to avoid future injuries. An experienced physiotherapist will provide tips for going about your day without putting your body in harm’s way. 

Say your job involves heavy lifting and results in a back injury. After guiding you through the rehabilitation process, your physical therapist will suggest ways to safely lift large items at work without compromising your spinal health. 

This benefit applies to workers who are sentient for most of the day as well. Many people experience neck or back pain due to their posture while sitting at their desks. A healthcare professional specializing in treating WSIB injuries can help you correct your posture so it doesn’t lead to further injuries. 

Treat Your Workplace Injury at OAK Physio and Wellness

If you’re considering physiotherapy for WSIB injuries, look no further than OAK Physio and Wellness. Our compassionate medical staff works one-on-one with you to improve your strength, mobility, and flexibility after an injury. With our expertise and devotion to physical therapy exercises, you can return to work stronger than before. Call (289) 815-0241 to schedule an appointment.