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When experiencing knee or joint pain, take a break from your usual activities to avoid further structural damage. In addition, using ice or heat compression can help you reduce the pain felt in your knees.

Thanks to the specialized knowledge physiotherapists have, they can offer you some of the best treatments, exercises, and knee support.

Various symptoms indicate the severity of your injury, including swelling, popping sounds, locking, limited mobility, and an inability to place your body weight on your knees. We suggest having your knee looked at by health care providers like a physiotherapist or a chiropractor

Most minor knee injuries like sprains and strains can heal on their own with home remedies. However, severe injuries might require surgery since they can transmit abnormal forces to your back or hips.

If your knees feel painful after a fall, the injury should heal in two to four weeks. However, you may need medical attention if the pain persists for longer.

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