Osteoarthritis Treatment in Oakville

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A combination of physiotherapy exercises and massage therapy as part of a holistic healing plan is the most effective treatment for arthritis pain. Patients need to strengthen the knee joint’s supportive tissue to see the full benefit.

Exercise serves as the newest and most effective treatment for patients with this type of pain. While it seems counter-intuitive, exercise strengthens the body, improves the mood, and straightens the posture.

The four stages start with the initial diagnosis, where our team performs extensive tests to rule out another potential diagnosis. We then conduct a thorough consultation with you to learn more about your lifestyle, discuss potential treatments, and provide patient education about activities and diet changes and the impacts they have on arthritis pain.

We implement the tailormade plan you agree to during the third stage and assess how your arthritis pain levels respond. Finally, we tweak the treatments as necessary to maximize your success.

Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate osteoarthritis without surgery to replace the thinning cartilage. However, you can slow the disorder’s progress, experience effective pain relief, and live a relatively normal life.

It is fairly common for people to feel that way in advanced cases as it can severely limit mobility and make it difficult to find pain relief. It may also make it impossible to perform your normal daily functions and may lead to depression.

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