How Many Physiotherapy Sessions Will I Need?

Physiotherapy in Oakville

Were you recently injured and now must schedule physiotherapy to help you recover? If so, you might wonder, “How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?” Estimating the number of physiotherapy sessions you’ll need depends on several factors, but with the following information, you’ll have all the knowledge you require to discuss it with your physiotherapist.

What Affects Your Recover Time?

In general, you’ll require six to eight weeks of physiotherapy sessions with two 30-minute sessions a week. However, many factors can speed up your recovery or require a longer treatment duration.

Pain Severity

Determining the ideal physiotherapy session count largely depends on your pain levels. If your physical therapist asks you to rate your pain on a scale of one to ten, higher pain levels often result from more serious injuries or conditions. Rating your pain helps your physiotherapist track your recovery and know when to switch your treatment goals from healing to prevention.

Injury Duration

Are you asking, “How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?” How long you’ve been in pain affects the answer.

In general, physiotherapists draw a direct, positive correlation between the length of pain and the length of treatment. In other words, the longer you’ve had your injury or condition, the longer you’ll require treatment. 

Pain Source

The cause of your pain significantly determines how much treatment you’ll need. With a sprain or strain, you’ll likely complete treatment faster than average. However, if you experience any of the following, recovery could take in excess of two months:

  • Chronic pain you’ve experienced for longer than three months
  • Injuries sustained from a significant fall
  • Athletic injuries, especially those sustained while already injured
  • Injuries that require surgery
  • Car-crash related injuries

Selfcare Level

Even with personalized treatment programs and session duration, you must still do most of your recovery at home. Your physiotherapist will empower you with knowledge, guidance, and at-home routines. However, if you don’t put in the effort, recovery will take longer.

Treatment Goals

With customized physiotherapy plans and session frequency, you can determine your goals. For example, if your goal is to simply relieve pain, your treatments will take a different form than if you’re training for a rock-climbing competition. Talk with your physiotherapist about how your goals help you figure out how long you’ll need treatment.

Planning Your Physiotherapy Journey: Session Requirements

Are you wondering what to expect in terms of physiotherapy sessions? In general, you can expect the following process:

  1. The physiotherapist will perform an initial assessment to determine your medical history and devise a treatment plan.
  2. During your weekly treatments, you’ll participate in exercises, education, and other methods that relieve pain and strengthen your muscles and joints.
  3. Your physical therapist will follow up with you to determine if you need further treatment or maintenance.

Aiding Recovery Through Physiotherapy

Now you know the answer to “How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?” At OAK Physio & Wellness, we create personalized treatment plans to help you reduce pain and prevent future injury. Our compassionate and knowledgeable physiotherapists in Oakville can’t wait to meet you and empower your healing journey. To book an appointment, call (289) 725-0241.