How Long Does Physical Therapy Take to Work?

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There’s no simple answer to the question, “How quickly does physiotherapy work?” Physiotherapy treatment times vary depending on the condition or injury you want to heal, as well as several other factors. The physiotherapists at OAK Physio & Wellness explain how long you can expect physiotherapy to take in this guide.

What Affects Physiotherapy Treatment Times?

Many different things impact how quickly physiotherapy works. Your physical therapist will evaluate your injury, the affected part of the body, and the goals of your treatment plan to give you an idea of how quickly your therapy will work.

Type of Injury

Different conditions take longer to heal, and different bodies heal differently. Restoring the full range of motion typically takes longer than helping a patient recuperate from minor injuries to soft tissues. Ligaments and cartilage take the longest to heal. If you need therapy on multiple body parts at the same time, you may need to attend sessions for longer. 

How quickly does physiotherapy work? While your physical therapist needs to evaluate your condition and give you an estimate of how long your particular treatment will take to work, here are some general timeframes:

  • Minor injuries: Two to three sessions
  • Soft tissue injuries: Six to eight weeks 
  • Chronic conditions: Two or more months

Commitment to Treatment

Recovering from any injury or condition requires relinquishing a lot of control. One thing you maintain control over is your commitment to attending physiotherapy sessions and following the treatment plan that your physical therapist sets. It’s vital that you follow the at-home exercise plan consistently. 

You may need to attend therapy two or three times a week at the beginning. Typically, visit frequency tapers off over time.

Goals of the Treatment Plan

Different types of physiotherapy have different goals. Simple conditions, like sprained ankles, typically have basic, short-term goals. More complicated injuries or long-term chronic conditions have more complicated goals that take longer to accomplish.

Stages of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy consists of changes during different periods of treatment, which affect the duration of treatment. The stages of treatment are:

  • Evaluation: During your first physiotherapy appointment, your therapist will set short- and long-term goals for treatment. At this point, your physical therapist designs the treatment plan and explains approximately how long your physiotherapy will take.
  • Treatment: The ongoing treatment stage may last for weeks or months, depending on your condition, if you attend sessions regularly, and if you follow your exercise plan at home.
  • Discharge: Once you and your therapist agree you have met your goals, your therapist will discharge you. Part of discharge planning includes an exercise plan you can continue to follow.

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How quickly does physiotherapy work? To answer this question, schedule an appointment with the trained, experienced physical therapists at OAK Physio & Wellness. We will start with a consultation and develop a treatment plan to let you know how long it will take to meet your physical therapy goals. Contact us today at 289-725-0241 to schedule an appointment.