How to Choose a Pillow for the Best Night’s Sleep?

Pillow for the Best Night’s Sleep

Choosing the right pillows is crucial for a good night’s sleep and health since a good pillow should provide proper support for your neck and head. 

When choosing a pillow, you have three main factors: firmness, loft, and sleeping position. The loft is how high the compressed pillow is when your head rests on it.

At Oak Physio & Wellness in Oakville, Ontario, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a great night’s sleep to support their overall health. In this post, we discuss the different types of pillows and the best pillow for all sleep positions. 

Different Types of Pillows 

To determine the best pillow for you, you first need to know the different types of pillows. The most common pillow types include: 

  • Memory foam pillow 
  • Feather pillows 
  • Down pillows 
  • Latex Pillows 
  • Polyfoam pillows 

Each of these is manufactured from different materials and has different characteristics, such as firmness and loft, as well as a different “feel” for those who sleep on them.

Sleeping Positions and Pillows

Best Pillows for Back Sleepers 

Back sleepers benefit the most from using a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows are firm and have a medium loft, helping to alleviate pressure on your shoulders and neck. In addition, they keep your head supported throughout the night, allowing it to stay aligned with your spine. Memory foam pillows are also hypoallergenic. 

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers 

A firmer pillow with a high loft works best for individuals on their side. High-loft pillows aid in propping your head in a natural position that aligns best with your spine and relieves pressure in your shoulders. While medium-firm pillows help your head and neck align with your spine, the firmness may be uncomfortable for some people. In this case, you should search for feather pillows. Feather pillows are easy to shape and offer a high loft if adequately stuffed. 

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers 

Stomach sleepers are most likely to strain their necks and put pressure on their lower backs or abdomens. While experts do not recommend sleeping on your stomach, some pillows are better at providing proper support. 

Experts do not recommend high-loft pillows for stomach sleepers as they slightly tilt your head, negatively altering your posture. Instead, use a low-loft pillow to maintain neutral spine alignment. A soft pillow such as a feather or down pillow creates a comfortable buffer between your body and mattress, compresses easily, and is simple to shape. 

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