Exploring the Biggest Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women

Massage Therapy in Oakville

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but it comes with its fair share of physical and emotional stress. Countless changes occur in the body throughout the pregnancy journey, and many women simply don’t feel like themselves.

If that’s you or someone you’re supporting through this special time in life, have you considered massage therapy? It’s a great way to feel physically and emotionally better during pregnancy.

Here’s more about the many benefits of massage therapy for pregnant women from the professionals at OAK Physio & Wellness.

4 Ways Massage Therapy Benefits Pregnant Women

The art of therapeutic massage offers a wide range of benefits. If pure enjoyment isn’t justification enough, here are four of the best reasons pregnant women should schedule regular massages with gentle, qualified professionals like OAK Physio & Wellness:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Many pregnant women struggle with a condition called pre-eclampsia, which causes extremely high blood pressure. Regular massage therapy relaxes and widens the blood vessels, lowering your blood pressure.

2. Reduces Stress

It’s true that this is an enriching period in life, but pregnancy is also extremely stressful for most expectant mothers. Between hormone fluctuations, weight gain, and other physical changes, feelings of being overwhelmed abound during this transition. A prenatal massage produces a calming response that can reduce stress considerably.

3. Improves Sleep

Have you been tossing and turning throughout your pregnancy? Insomnia is a common concern, thanks to hormones, an expanding uterus, and uncomfortable sleep positions that mean many sleepless nights. Ongoing massage therapy relaxes the nervous system to release “feel good” hormones, which potentially improves sleep.

4. Increases Circulation and Lymph Drainage

Edema and blood clots are serious concerns associated with pregnancy. Edema occurs when the lymphatic system doesn’t drain properly (the reason for those swollen ankles!). Prenatal massage encourages smoother lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling in the legs.

Pregnancy also slows circulation, increasing the risk of blood clots. One of the biggest benefits of massage therapy for pregnant women is the way it enhances circulation. Massage will increase blood flow throughout the body by relaxing the blood vessels.

The Best Types of Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women

With the unique anatomical changes that accompany pregnancy, specific massage techniques are essential. For example, lying on the back can compress the vena cava to cause a drastic drop in blood pressure. Instead, lying on the left side facilitates better cardiovascular function during the pregnancy massage.

The following are some massage techniques therapists safely use during a prenatal massage:

  • Petrissage
  • Effleurage
  • Compression
  • Feathering
  • Gentle stretching
  • Lengthening
  • Cranial sacral therapy

Like any physical therapy, you’ll receive a unique treatment plan for your specific problem areas and various types of massage. Be sure to liaise with your obstetrician, as well.

Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women in Oakville, Ontario

The discomfort of pregnancy is worth the joy that follows, but why suffer through it? Explore the benefits of massage therapy for pregnant women at the hands of trained physiotherapy professionals like OAK Physio & Wellness, who can administer the massage safely. 

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