Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Oakville

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You should seek immediate medical attention, go for physiotherapy or chiropractic services, get enough rest, and eat a balanced diet.
  • Do not flee from the accident scene, even in insignificant accidents
  • Secure the scene and inform the police
  • Make an accurate record of the accident
  • Exchange information with other parties involved
  • Report the accident to your insurance provider
  • Seek medical attention
Vitamin C will help you recover faster after an accident. It reduces inflammation and promotes the tissue repair process.

Auto accidents can cause long-term stress, affecting your work and relationships. The stress may eventually lead to anxiety, sleep problems, and depression.

Car accident muscle pain can last from six to eight weeks and may lay dormant for an extended period. The pain may result from seat belt injuries, severe sprains, strains, or whiplash.

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