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If you feel the need to go to A&E, you probably should. However, you should seek medical help if the injury doesn’t improve and the pain or swelling worsens after home treatment.

Depending on the injury’s severity, the doctor may use a sports tape, elastic bandage, or support brace to stabilize the injured foot. The doctor may recommend a cast or walking boot to immobilize the ankle.

When sleeping, you need to elevate the affected leg slightly to drain fluids and prevent swelling. Place a pillow under the affected ankle while you sleep.

Depending on the injury’s severity, you should avoid any impact on the sprained ankle for four to six days. Then, you can gradually work up to previous levels.

Constant standing and walking on a sprained ankle may cause more damage and undermine the healing process. Try to limit walking, and when you do walk, place your weight on your other foot.

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